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Среда Март 23rd 2011, 5:43 дп
Рубрика: Direct speech

From the bottom of my heart take my congratulations on the opening of our Gorlovka Community of Christ congregational English Club. The germ of the idea of this club had actually emerged in the summer of the year before last, when two nice English-speaking  girls, Zoe and Allie were with us for several weeks. We turned the matter over and over in our minds and now the hour has struck and we start developing our English Club and this blog as a place where we can publish topics for our meetings, links to different materials in English and many other information which can help us to be prepared to our meetings spiritually, intellectually and, after all, lexically …

Wow, wow, woow!!!

Our EUROTRIBE 2011 in KIEV is coming SOON!!! How is your English, friend?

Let me to remind you that  our EUROTRIBE will starts in Kiev on August 8, 2011. It is less than two weeks to this long-awaited event. So, how is your English? Is it  fluent enough to speak and clear enough to be understood?

If you are not sure, here you can find something helpful to you at this point!

Your EnglishClubMan

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